Understanding Child Care

Understanding Child Care

Childcare In America

Victoria Jimenez

Millennials have gotten slack for a lot of things lately. It is said that they are complacent, scared to leave the nest, and disinterested in marriage or children. Millennials have also been known to wait later than their parents or grandparents to marry and start a family, but that doesn't mean they aren't capable.

What could be causing the delay among millennials?

One hesitation that has caused the delay is the cost associated with raising a family. Millennials have been weighed down with student loan debt and limited employment options. With little to no income, raising a family isn't at the top of the to do list. Then there are people from the baby boomer generation that will say that the millennials are just mistaken and making excuses.

What is the true cost of raising a child in America?

Other than financial cost, are there physical costs associated with raising a child today? There are physical costs, but the love you receive from a child will be well worth them. As for the true cost of raising a child, it has been reported that a child born in 2013 costs, on average, around $240,000 over an 18 years time period. This statistic is specifically calculated based on an American middle class family.

What is the solution?

Affordable child care services are the solution. The financial cost of raising a child has grown, but affordable care will alleviate some of the financial issues when determining if you want a child. A millennial is resourceful and can have a child on their own terms. An affordable child care provider will be able to assist in the millennial's transition to parenthood. They will not have to give up travel or work, as they will be able to leave their children in the care of true professionals.

 A great center will have quality and certified employees, with several years experience under their belt. The perfect facility will be well kept, with plenty of toys and activities to keep your future child entertained throughout the day. Also, most centers offer affordable payment options that you can choose from.

If you are millennial, don't let financial woes keep you from having a child if you want one. Child care centers are available to entertain and watch your child as you look for employment or are enjoying a day out in the city. If you're looking for a daycare center, consider one like Noah's Ark Christian Daycare.


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