Understanding Child Care

Understanding Child Care

3 Important Things To Look For In Toddler Daycare Programs

Victoria Jimenez

Making the decision to stay at home with your baby so you could breastfeed and nurture your little one is highly admirable. Now that your baby is a toddler, you may be interested in going back to the workforce. Many mothers do simply to be able to afford the costs of raising a child, which is alarmingly high. In fact, according to CNN, it cost $233,610 to raise one child in 2015. Of course, you are probably a bit hesitant about finding daycare after being the primary caregiver your child has had since birth -- don't be. There are many benefits to enrolling toddlers in daycare programs. Here's what you need to know to find the best daycare for your toddler. 

1. Positive social interaction with other children

Your toddler will have social interaction with other children their age on a daily basis. This will help them to develop friendships in the future. Toddlers benefit from group play which fosters the ability to make friends by allowing them to play alongside children their own age. Daycare providers carefully guide toddlers on how to be respectful to others, which also helps them interact with others and learn how to build friendships. Select one that makes it a point to foster healthy social interaction between the children in their care. 

2. Careful engagement in stimulating activities 

Daycare providers try hard to stick to a strict schedule of activities, many of which stimulate the minds of the children in their care. Without a strict schedule, some toddlers may have meltdowns due to their age and emotional skill sets. Yet, at the same time, other toddlers may be overwhelmed when there is too much stimulation, which could set off the toddlers who otherwise would be complacent. Because of this, choose a daycare that has a low child-to-adult ratio as they will be better able to separate the children into their various levels of development. 

3. Activities that involve movement 

As you are fully aware, toddlers are always on the go. They often have a difficult time sitting still. While you do want your toddler to learn their colors, shapes, numbers, and alphabet, too much time sitting and not enough time moving can be an issue which can hinder the development of their large motor skills. Also, not getting enough exercise make your toddler a bit grumpy and can make your toddler strongly dislike going to daycare if they won't have any fun moving around. Select a toddler daycare program that has activities that get the toddler moving on a daily basis.  


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