Understanding Child Care

Understanding Child Care

Tips To Help You With Summer Child Care

Victoria Jimenez

School being out for summer is great when it comes to older kids, but the little ones, having them home all summer can cause some complications with work schedules. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you get through the summer with a little one at home.

Year-round Preschool

Your little one probably loves going to preschool. Getting to spend time with friends and learn all sorts of new stuff can be exciting for the little ones. Instead of finding someone to come to your home to babysit while you go to work, consider looking into year-round preschool.

This will be beneficial in more than one way—you'll know that your little one is being cared for while you're at work and they'll be learning and retaining all that they've learned up to this point much better. One of the downfalls of summer vacation is how much information kids lose over those three months. Instead of allowing your little one to forget, keep the preschool going all summer long—by the time he or she heads off to Kindergarten, you'll have a smart little whip starting the class with confidence.

Family and Friends Combined Care

Do you have family or friends that have kids around the age of your own? If so, it might be time to coordinate a combined care program with them. When you have a group of parents all looking for someone to care for their kids during the summer, you'll have each other to rely on when preschool or daycare isn't an option—you know, the holiday weekends or after-hours. If you all take turns watching each other's kids when you're available, you'll all have the care that's needed without all of the expense of paying for individual baby sitters.

Tip: If you all need care during the same hours, look for a reliable teenager to sit at one location and watch multiple kids. The kids will love it, and it'll be cheaper than paying for individual sitters at the different homes.

Workplace Support

Does your workplace offer any type of childcare support? Some companies don't spread the word about the childcare support that they offer unless you specifically ask if there's any assistance. Check with your workplace to find out if there are any programs to help you through the summer.

This will be a big change for everyone, but it's completely possible to get through the summer without it costing you your job.


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