Understanding Child Care

Understanding Child Care

3 Things To Prepare Before Speaking With An Adoption Agency

Victoria Jimenez

Adoption is one of the biggest life choices anyone can make, so it is more than worthwhile to be as prepared as possible from the very start. This usually begins by contacting a licensed adoption agency that can work with you throughout the process. If this is something you are considering doing in the near future, take a look below at just three of the things you should think about and prepare beforehand.

Specific Expectations

For hopeful adoptive parents, adoption can be an overwhelming process. That's why it is best to ensure at the very beginning that your expectations align with that of the agency. After all, no one wants unwelcome surprises along the way. You should clarify these expectations by preparing as many detailed questions to ask as possible. These may include questions on such topics as the usual wait time, average cost and fees, requirements for adoptive families, post-adoption support, and policies concerning any disruptions to the adoption process.

A Lengthy Home Study

A home study is essentially an overview of the home life that an adopted child may soon find themselves a part of. Everything leading up to a home study is a process in and of itself, which includes background checks, an in-person home visit by a licensed adoption professional, and extensive interviews of everyone residing in your home (including any children you already have). Make sure you have all the necessary documents prepared by the relevant deadlines, and that your living spaces show you take into consideration the safety and well-being of everyone in them. All of this is itself good preparation for future home visits by agency representatives in the months after the adoption.

Three or More Reference Letters

Any agency will want to get to know potential adoptive parents as well as possible during the adoption process. One important part of this is hearing from other individuals who are not related to you about your general character, as well as the reasons why you (and your spouse or partner) would make a great adoptive parent. This information is usually presented in the form of reference letters, which should be submitted early in the process. Before you speak with an adoption agency, take some time to speak with people who are especially close to you — a longtime friend, professional mentor, or religious leader, for example — about the possibility of writing a reference letter on your behalf.

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