Understanding Child Care

Understanding Child Care

7 Things You Shouldn't Assume About Becoming A Foster Parent

Victoria Jimenez

Becoming a foster parent can be a highly rewarding experience. However, there are some false assumptions would-be foster parents make that discourage them from going through the process.

The following are seven things you shouldn't assume about becoming a foster parent. 

Kids in foster care always have a criminal background.

Kids who are in foster care aren't necessarily kids with a history of misbehaving. Some people think that foster care kids will have always been involved in juvenile crime in the past. This is not true. Many foster care kids are disciplined and well-behaved but have simply been abused or abandoned by their birth parents. 

You can't become a foster parent if you're not married.

Single parents can become foster parents. You don't have to be a married couple to get involved with foster parenting. Foster parents can be widowed, divorced, single, or separated. 

You can't adopt a child once you become a foster parent.

Foster parents become adoptive parents in many situations. If you are a foster parent for a child and you decide that you want to adopt that child, you will be able to do so in many cases.

You aren't wealthy enough to qualify as a foster parent.

A lot of people think that those who become foster parents have to make a lot of money or be homeowners. In fact, foster parents don't have to be particularly wealthy and may be able to benefit from financial support from the state that will help them support the children they provide foster care for. 

You're too old to be a foster parent.

You don't have to be young to become a foster parent. In fact, there are usually no maximum age limits for foster parents.

Although you must meet a minimum age requirement to be a foster parent, those of advanced age will be happy to know that there are usually no maximum age limits in place for those who want to become foster parents. 

You can't be a foster parent if you've never had your own kids.

It's possible for individuals to become foster parents even if they don't have any past experience with parenting. You don't have to be a parent of your own biological children before you become a foster parent. 

You can't be a foster parent if you have a full-time job.

Full-time workers can qualify as foster parents. If you work full-time and you become a foster parent, you may be provided with childcare resources so that you can continue to work while caring for foster children.

To learn more about foster parenting, contact a foster child care center in your area.


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